Who to Follow for Inspiration

Here’s the lowdown on who I follow to keep myself in the zone! A collection of the social media sites and people I have found the most helpful on my journey.

Buff Dudes

Instagram @BuffDudes

Quote: “Healthy Food Recipes & Gym Workout Routines.

Lose Fat, Gain Muscle.

B.U.F.F.: Better Understanding of Food & Fitness. Dudes: The ones who’ll show you how to get it.”

Follow them on:

Youtube – Buff Dudes

Instagram – @buffdudes

These guys have it all: exercises step by step, motivational videos, food suggestions. The are worth taking a look at. Additionally, they are funny guys, and keep it real about what works and what doesn’t. This is a valuable lesson to learn in health. Have fun while staying healthy!

Lift Like a Girl
Lift Like A Girl - gallery

About Nia Shanks Lift Like Girl

Quote: “First, and most importantly, Lifting Like a Girl means becoming the most awesome and strongest version of yourself.”

Follow her on:


Nia Shanks provides her viewers with a lot of extensive knowledge, while simultaneously teaching women to be proud of their own strength. I feel like a lot of times women are sacred of being strong, but they forget that strong is beautiful too. Shanks makes it a point to remind us of that fact. Lift Like a Girl is funded by the viewers and Shanks takes into consideration what her audience is interested in knowing more about.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Dwayne gallery.png

Dawyne The Rock Johnson – Facebook

Quote: “Success isn’t always about ‘greatness,’ it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.”

Follow him on:





The Rock is just awesome. He really gets to the heart of what self discipline is without losing sight of the fun things in life. The balance he walks is extremely admirable. If your thing is following a celebrity, this is the guy for you! He is very active in social media and you will stumble across great posts on a constant basis. Not all of them are pertaining to health and exercise, but a good sizable portion of them are. Warning: Large portion of posts are about his adorable dogs and whatnot, so be ready for all the cuteness!

The Kitchn
the kitchn gallery

The Kitchn – Cookbook

Follow The Kitchn at:


The Kitchn is really great for those of you who are off campus and really enjoy the act of cooking. This way you are able to know what is in your food and you can find healthy recipes. Once you go into the recipes tab you can pick recipes by what you are looking for using the filters, they have recipes for low sodium, gluten-free, high fiber, and much more health options and also allergy filters!

A Couple Cooks
A couple cooks gallery

A Couple Cooks – About

Quote: “Eat Healthy and Whole”

Follow Sonja and Alex Overhiser on:


Sonja and Alex are a married couple that specializes in simple and healthy meals, so if you like to cook, but you prefer to take as little time and preparation as possible (I fall under this category myself) then this is the cooking blog for you!

Sparkly War Tanks  - Profile gallery

SparklyWarTanks – About Quote

Quote: “Lets journey together.”

Follow Nina on:


Nina is one of my fellow classmates at Syracuse University, and she has made this beautiful blog dedicated to teaching women about how to love and take care of themselves. For a health journey as well as a life journey this is extremely important. One of the reasons women often feel like either quitting or going to extreme measures in order to meet their goals id because they feel like they aren’t good enough to be able to reach their goals in a healthy and confident way. If you want to keep a healthy body you must also keep a healthy mind. Nina’s blog gets at the heart of what it means to take care of your well-being, being confident, and taking life and its problems in stride.


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